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Welcome to Riddlesdown
Welcome from the Principal

We are delighted to introduce you to Riddlesdown Collegiate. As an Academy we enjoy the freedom to make the very best provision for your child, as a Collegiate we work collaboratively to develop the very best practice and provision in every aspect of our work. Our aim at all times is to develop quality partnerships with families, effective learning for our students and success for all members of our community.

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I am delighted to welcome you to Riddlesdown Collegiate, an Academy with a great past and an exciting future. I am incredibly proud to be the Principal of Riddlesdown Collegiate as this is a very special place in which young people learn and grow. Within our “small schools” approach, each student works in a strong, vibrant and nurturing College which delivers a successful, modern, broadly based curriculum. Strong relationships and a clear identity therefore foster outstanding learning. Examination results are consistently high. Just as importantly students enjoy their time here, whilst parents appreciate the care and support we deliver.

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