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Welcome to Dance at Riddlesdown Collegiate. Since time began dance has been embedded in our culture and society. It allows an escape from everyday life, the ability to express ourselves in a different way and the joy of creating, performing and watching something beautiful. At Riddlesdown we offer dance in Year 9, 10, 11, 12 & 13, allowing our students to not only become fantastic performers but experts in this field. Our aims in dance are to help you:

-          Build Confidence

-          Work cohesively with others

-          Build performance and Choreographic skills

-          Appreciate and Understand Professional Works

-          Articulate your thoughts and opinions through written work

-          Become a confident leader

-          Improve communication

-          Improve sensitivity to others

 With rehearsals, performances and theatre trips Dance is an exciting, challenging and enjoyable subject for you to come and get involved in!

Key Stage 4

 Key Stage 4 Dance - Exams from 2018 9-1 Course (Year 11)

 Key Stage 4 Dance - Exams from 2018 9-1 Course (Year 10)


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