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Educating Yourself Beyond the Curriculum

We believe that progress is not just about examination results. Education in College VI is more than ‘teaching to the test'. We provide a safe, positive, respectful community within which students are not afraid to be sceptical; take risks; rise to challenges and show resilience when faced with adversity. They need to have the confidence to say ‘I don’t know’ as a precursor to ‘but I will find out.’ We foster a culture of curiosity and reflection and a love of learning which extends beyond the curriculum.

You need to get in to the habit of reading a broadsheet newspaper and / or listening to BBC Radio 4. You need to watch the news on TV and you would also benefit from watching programmes such as Question Time; University Challenge and 'Have I got News for You'. Here is an example of an article which also links with the first topic we covered in Year 12 PHSEE on the over sexualisation and objectification of women.

College VI is a member of The Institute of Ideas which is a brilliant organisation formed with a view to stimulate thinking and provoke debate. Every year the organisation holds a 'Battle of Ideas' in London. You can download the transcripts of the debates here.  We hold our own ' College VI Battle of Ideas'  in the summer term.

Other interesting, thought provoking opportunities:

Cambridge University have produced a fabulous website designed to help students think beyond their A’ levels and prepare for university study. The subject resources will help you to discover new interests and develop your academic skills. You will find a mixture of written material and blogs as well as a chance to listen to some lectures. 

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