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Welcome to the Riddlesdown Collegiate History page. Have you ever wondered why there is such a fascination by the film industry for Historical events? It's because they are important! To be able to understand where we come from and our position in the world we need to know what happened in the past; to be able to learn lessons for the future. History broadens the mind. It allows us to fulfil our natural inquisitiveness. It's concerned with the 'hows' and, more importantly, the 'whys'. Interest in the past stems from the needs of people to discover a sense of their own identity and gain an understanding of their own culture, as well as that of other societies.

The study of History is pursued through the examination of a wide range of evidence. The Historian's skill lies in the ability to evaluate and interpret this evidence and to present clear, concise and relevant arguments in support of conclusions about the past. History is all around us. It is not just a 'lesson' at school!

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