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Latin is all around us. As well as a huge number of English words, it also evolved directing into five modern European languages: French, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian and Spanish. A great number of medical terms derive from Latin, including the bones of the body and many scientific processes. As well as doctors, many careers feature Latin heavily, such as law, science and zoology. The study of the language teaches logic and discipline, useful traits for life which employers highly value.

In addition to this, the ancient world is a fascinating place, filled with gods and monsters, heroes and villains, gladiators and actors. Students are able to appreciate these all the more for studying them in the original language. As well as the stories, many of the greatest writers in Western literature wrote in Latin, including Cicero, Virgil, Ovid and Tacitus, all of whom we study at both GCSE and A Level. 

The study of Latin allows out students to step into a world that they would otherwise not have full access to. It is an intriguing, strange, enlightening and scary place. Come on in.

Key Stage 4

 Year 10 Exams from 2018 9-1 Course 

 Year 11 Exams from 2018 9-1 Course


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