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At Riddlesdown Collegiate, students study topics from the core areas of Number, Algebra, Shape and Handling Data with cross-curricular references; whilst also studying at a level relevant to them. There is also a focus on applying their knowledge to practical situations through Functional Maths tasks.

Riddlesdown has a 2-year Key Stage 3 course for Mathematics, enabling more time to be spent on the GCSE course. Students are still assessed at Key Stage 3 through formal (in-house) assessments and their progress is monitored to ensure that they fulfil their potential. Students who find Mathematics more difficult are also able to make expected progress through the support of our Higher Level Teaching Assistant in Mathematics.

At A-Level, the students study 4 core units of work and 2 applied units of Statistics, Mechanics or Decision Maths. We also offer a full Further Mathematics course at A Level to extend our brightest mathematicians. Mathematics is one of our most popular options and at KS5 and continues to grow every year.

Our strongest Mathematicians across all Key Stages take part in the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust Challenges, both individually and in teams. Over the years, we have been very successful in attaining the top recognitions for these challenges.


Key Stage 3 

Year 7 Mathematics Course Information 2017/2018

Year 8 Mathematics Course Information 2017/2018

Year 9 Mathematics Course Information 2017/2018


Key Stage 4


Year 10 Mathematics Foundation Course Information 2017/2018

Year 10 Exams from 2018 9 - 1 Course 

Year 11 Exams from 2018 9 - 1 Course


Higher Tier

Year 10 Mathematics Higher Course Information 2017/2018

Year 10 Exams from 2018 9 - 1 Course 

Year 11 Exams from 2018 9 - 1 Course





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