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Media Studies

Ever wonder what we get out of watching The Apprentice? Questioned what Embarrasing Bodies tells us about social values? Thought about the developments in digital media and what it means to our lives? Concerned about who controls the media?

You should be - because the media is a powerful force sending its messages to virtually everyone on earth. It is in your sitting room, in your car, in school, in shops and cinemas. No matter how hard you try, you cannot escape it; and whether you like it or not, the media and the people who produce it play a large part in defining the way you think.

UNESCO Declaration on Media Education:

We live in a world where media are omnipotent: an increasing number of people spend a great deal of time watching television, reading newspapers and magazines and listening to the radio. Children already spend more time watching television than they do attending lessons in school. We need to accept the impact of the Media and appreciate their importance as elements of culture in today’s world. Arguments for the study of the media as a preparation for responsible citizenship are formidable now and with the development of communications technology ought to be irresistible."

Studying the media means you would be exploring the most contemporary, relevant and rapidly developing subject within the curriculum today. You will learn to analyse how and why texts are constructed in the way they are. The vast majority of these texts will come from the contemporary media landscape of film, TV, news, the print and music industry as well as from the new digital technologies. Be aware though – this course isn’t a soft option. It is rigorous and will challenge you.

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