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"To have another language is to possess a second soul"


Welcome to the Riddlesdown Collegiate Modern Foreign Languages page.

Our aim is to develop all students' linguistic abilities as far as possible by making our languages lessons challenging but simultaneously motivating and fun. We are dedicated to developing students' listening, reading, speaking and writing skills through a range of activities that focus on communication, confidence building, independent learning, collaboration and creativity.

The Modern Foreign Languages team equally encourages our students to gain an understanding of other cultures and communities. We incorporate cultural elements into our lessons and organise different activities to celebrate the European Day of Languages. Students are able to use their language in a real context through annual visits from a French school and we have recently set up a student teacher scheme in a local primary school. We are currently planning three very exciting trips to France and Spain for 2013- 2014 to further foster internationalism. We believe that by taking up these opportunities and by developing an international outlook, our students will be more adaptable to new experiences. As young adults they will be seeking jobs in an increasingly competitive global market and we hope to prepare them with the skills necessary for helping them to succeed in this.

Students in Aquila and Phoenix Colleges study French and students in Orion and Pegasus Colleges study Spanish twice a week from Year 7. The thirty most able students across the Collegiate are also offered the opportunity to learn German in a pre-school class from Year 8 onwards. All three languages are offered at GCSE and the majority of our students continue with their studies of at least one language at Key Stage 4.

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